Recovery. this high technology cosmetic product stimulates the skin’s stem cells.


Skin aged with flaccidity

Unisex facial cosmetics


PHYTO ESTROGENS: natural balance for skin disorders during menopause.

Self-rejuvenating. Stem cell stimulator.

Fourfold multiplication of collagen in the skin.


Facial rejuvenation.

In 4 weeks it diminishes wrinkles and improves the overall appearance of the skin. The skin regains its youthful appearance, gaining in comfort and flexibility. Energized, toned and reaffirmed skin. Facelift effect.


E-MORTAL®: A liposome active ingredient that stimulates stem cells. The cells recover the activity of younger skins.

METABIOTICSTM RESVERATROL: An improved Resveratrol active ingredient. It improves cellular longevity by stimulating sirtuin-1, an enzyme that prevents cellular

CHONDRICARE®: An intelligent peptide. During the day it protects cellular structures against free radicals. At night, when these
threats disappear, it helps the cells to increase their energy reserves (ATP).

CREATINE: It increases the synthesis of collagen, elastin and keratin by stimulating cellular energy metabolism.

COLLAGENER®: Wrinkle filler. It increases the synthesis of type I collagen and stimulates the synthesis of protective proteins (HSP).

PHYTROGEN®: A botanical complex made from 8 plants providing isoflavones. Holistically improving the signs associated with menopause.


PHASE 1. CINNAMON MASK. A thermoactive facial mask (warming effect) with Peel-Off technology that stimulates blood circulation with seaweed extract and
cinnamon. It reactivates the skin and enhances the effect of the active ingredients to be applied in the following phases.

PHASE 2. Active oxygenating mask with RIBOXYL®. It profoundly oxygenates and purifies the skin.

PHASE 3. An active rejuvenating hidrogel with a three-dimensional structure formulated from METABIOTICSTM RESVERATROL, E-MORTAL® and creatine

PHASE 4. A creamy fluid with rejuvenating, firming and moisturizing properties formulated from E-MORTAL®, CHONDRICARE® and kendi oil rich in omega 3 and vitamin E.

PHASE 5. A nourishing cream thanks to the mixture of rich oils like macadamia and shea butter. With COLLAGENER®, PHYTOGEN® and CHONDRICARE® active ingredients with rejuvenating properties.

PHASE 6. Apply the appropriate ALGAE PEEL-OFF FACIAL MASK according to the skin's needs. We recommend applying the C-40 BI-PHASE SOYA MASK. A nourishing and moisturizing mask with an intense rejuvenating effect.

PHASE 7. Reinforcement cream to end the treatment.



This high quality cellular anti-ageing cosmetics.


Dry skin.

Unisex formula for mature and demanding skin types.


Coenzyme Q10 + Creatine: Doubles cellular energy.
Hyaluronic acid: 24-hour optimal moisturizing.
Bioavailable Vitamin C: Powerful antioxidant and natural protector.
Extraordinary nutritious, natural oils.


COENZYME Q-10: A natural ingredient that transforms nutrients into energy for cells. It activates cell metabolism by stimulating the dermis and epidermis.

CREATINE: An intelligent cellular energizer which maintains an optimum level of cellular activity.

MARINE COLLAGEN: Marine moisturizer. It improves elasticity and reduces wrinkles.

HYALURONIC ACID: It moisturizes and redensifies the skin filling wrinkles from within.

ORGANIC SILICON: With facial firming properties thanks to the regenerative capacity of elastin and collagen synthesis.

VITAMIN C: A natural antioxidant and regenerating agent. It decreases oxidative stress and stimulates collagen production.

AVOCADO OIL: An ultra nutritious active ingredient thanks to its composition rich in vitamins and lipids.

SQUALENE: An active ingredient from plants with nourishing and protective properties. It restores skin moisturization balance.


PHASE 1. Keratolytic Gel with X-PRESSIN®. It eliminates the surface layer of keratin favouring the penetration of the active ingredients of subsequent phases and giving the face luminosity.

PHASE 2. Serum stimulates collagen production due to its high content of vitamin C and amino acids. Resulting in a more elastic and turgid skin.

PHASE 3. An energizing and anti-ageing serum with coenzyme Q-10, creatine, marine collagen and hyaluronic acid.

PHASE 4. A nourishing and energizing phase with an enriched texture formulated with coenzyme Q-10, creatine, organic silicon, vitamin C, avocado oil and squalene.

PHASE 5. VITAMIN VEGETABLE 2030. Facial mask with Peel-Off technology. Formulated with vitamin C, dill and seaweed extract for a stimulating and anti-wrinkle effect. Bringing luminosity to and redensifying the skin. It reaffirms, soothes and tones the skin with an intense cooling effect.

PHASE 6. A nutritious fluid emulsion based on coenzyme Q-10 and creatine.



Botox effect. without injections or side effects.


Mature skin.

Unisex formula


ARGIRELINE®: A harmless alternative to botulinum toxin.

A powerful cell regenerator.

Intensive wrinkle-filling from within.

Improvement of the micro-contour of the skin.


After a 28-day treatment period with RGNERIN the wrinkles and expression lines are softened.
A regenerated and younger-looking skin, smooth and without imperfections.


GLYCOLIC ACID: Natural regenerating exfoliant extracted from sugar cane. It acts on the deeper layers of the skin promoting epidermal

LACTIC ACID: A natural exfoliant and moisturizer extracted from milk.

SALICYLIC ACID: A natural exfoliant extracted from willows (Salix Alba). It prevents the accumulation of keratin avoiding the formation of black heads and imperfections.

ARGIRELINE®: An anti-ageing peptide formulated with 6 natural amino acid. It prevents repetitive facial movements (Botox effect). It slows the onset of wrinkles and reduces existing ones.

COHESINE®: A sesame extract which improves cell cohesion. Resulting in a uniform, smoother more elastic skin.

RECOVERINE®: Chestnut extract (Castanea Sativa). It stimulates cell regeneration and improves the micro-contour of the skin.

STRUCTURINE®: A vegetable protein that stimulates cell activity and strengthens the extracellular matrix.

SOLUVIT®: It provides intense nourishment to the skin. Formulated with vitamin A (retinol), vitamin B, vitamin E, fatty acids and horse chestnut extract.


PHASE 1. An exfoliating regenerating hidrogel formulated with glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid (avoid the area around the eyes).

PHASE 2. A restorative, firming and moisturizing ampoule containing STRUCTURINE® and COHESINE®.

PHASE 3. An anti-ageing enzyme phase formulated from ARGIRELINE® (Botox effect), RECOVERINE® (cutaneous balance and regeneration) and SOLUVIT® (that stimulates cell metabolism and improves microcirculation).

PHASE 4. An anti-wrinkle cream with a rich texture formulated with avocado oil, ARGIRELINE® (Botox effect) RECOVERINE® and hyaluronic acid. It Improves the micro-contour of the skin by eliminating wrinkles and expression lines.

PHASE 5. RGNERIN MASK 2055. A facial mask with Peel-Off technology with a regenerating and soothing effect formulated from seaweed extract, aloe vera extract and
linseed. It contains vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and aloin. It stimulates cell regeneration and acts as an anti-irritant.

It reaffirms, soothes and tones the skin with an intense cooling effect.

PHASE 6. An anti-wrinkle and extremely nutritious phase with ARGIRELINE® (Botox effect), hyaluronic acid and avocado oil.



A high technology facial mask with diatomaceous earth producing a detoxifying and moisturizing effect.


Oily skin.

Unisex formula, suitable for oily and/or shiny skins. Recommended for all ages.


A specific dermopurifying treatment.
An intelligent liposomated system for cells.
Selective oily skin regulator.
Deep moisturization. Matte effect.


Balanced, matte, clean, free of imperfections, renewed and more youthful skin.


AZELOGLICINA®: Azelaic acid liposomes with anti-bacterial properties. It prevents the appearance of pustules and comedones thanks to its anti-bacterial action.
It regulates sebaceous secretion.

SALICYLIC ACID: A natural exfoliant that improves the micro-contour of the skin. It prevents the accumulation of keratin avoiding the formation of black heads.

LIPACIDE C8G®: A lipoaminoacid with antibacterial properties. It prevents the spread of germs on the skin. It purifies the epidermis and balances your pH maintaining an optimal level for the skin.

PURSLANE EXTRACT: A botanical active ingredient with anti-inflammatory and soothing properties.

AQUA SHUTTLE®: An intelligent moisturizer based on diatomaceous earth structures. It works gradually, providing lasting moisturization for the skin in an intelligent way.

AMIPORINE®: Purified pomegranate extract capable of restoring hydrous circulation in the skin, facilitating cellular metabolism.


PHASE 1. Cleansing and purifying gel. Formulated with LIPACIDE®, salicylic acid and purslane extract. A preparatory phase with antibacterial, exfoliating and soothing effects.

PHASE 2. Exfoliating gel with salicylic acid. Improves the micro-contour of the skin preventing the accumulation of keratin (avoid the area around the eyes).

PHASE 3. Sebum balancing phase. Formulated with AZELOGLICINA® prevents irregular sebum secretion and hyperkeratosis.

PHASE 4. A moisturizing and sebum regulating cream/gel formulated with AMIPORINE® and AQUA SHUTTLE® intelligent active ingredients that provide the skin with prolonged moisturization ("long lasting" effect).
Formulated with AZELOGLICINA® and SUNPMMA-P® active ingredients that regulate excessive sebum secretion and give the skin a matte effect.

PHASE 5. REAFFIRMING MASK 2020. A facial mask with Peel-Off technology providing detoxifying and firming effects with diatomaceous earth and seaweed extract. It contains vitamins, amino acids, trace elements and aloin.
Reaffirms, soothes and tones the skin with an intense cooling effect.

PHASE 6. A cream phase which reinforces the moisturizing process due to the action of AQUA SHUTTLE® and AMIPORINE® while regulating sebum secretion with AZELOGLICINA® and SUNPMMA-PA®.



An injection of vitamins and minerals. the essential trace elements for skins that need to restore the balance lost with the passage of time.


Mature skin.

Unisex formula.


Innovative multivitamin complex and remineralizing formula.

Immediate boost in vitality. Comparable to mesotherapy vitamin injections.


It reduces early signs of ageing. It recovers the natural shine of the dermal tissue. Radiant, luminous and revitalized face.


TRACE OAT PROTEIN COMPLEX®: A complex containing oat protein, minerals and essential trace elements, providing an
antioxidant, regenerating, oxygenating and moisturizing action.

OLIGOELINE®: A marine active ingredient which remineralizes and moisturizes as a result of its film-forming properties.

EUK-134®: Protection against external agents. It works by annulling their activity.

ELLAGI-C®: Antioxidant active ingredient that prevents oxidative stress and protects type IV collagen, restoring firmness and skin oxygenation.

VITAZYME® ACE COMPLEX: An innovative complex that blends vitamins and peptides favoring the absorption of same and enhancing its effect on the skin.

AUREALIS®: A natural ultra moisturizer obtained from orange blossom. It increases hyaluronic acid synthesis by 44%.

NATURAL JEJU ORGANIC CAMELLIA OIL®: A natural oil obtained from Camellia Japonica, with moisturizing, anti-ageing and soothing properties.

ARGAN OIL: It improves elasticity, nutrition and moisturization of the skin thanks to its high content VIT. E and polyunsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and 9).


PHASE 1. An intelligent multi-action cleanser formulated from trace elements with antiseptic properties.
A gel which when it comes into contact with the skin melts into a soft oil, then when entering into contact with water becomes a milky emulsion which is deeply cleansing.

PHASE 2. A highly concentrated revitalizing fluid incorporating minerals and trace elements (OLIGOGELINE®) and an ecological bark extract
from an African tree which favours the penetration of the vitamin C (ELLAGI-C®).

PHASE 3. A serum obtained from marine kelp (Fucus), considered to be a marine hyaluronic acid with powerful moisturizing properties.

PHASE 4. A revitalizing fluid emulsion providing the skin with vitamins, minerals, trace elements and essential active ingredients for a balanced skin. Formulated with TRACE AVENA PROTEIN COMPLEX®, NATURAL JEJU ORGANIC CAMELLIA OIL® and VITAZYME® ACE COMPLEX.

PHASE 5. GOLD MASK 2080. Facial mask with Peel-Off technology containing 24-carat Gold and seaweed extract for a revitalizing and mineralizing action. It provides an intensive firming effect on face and neck. It reaffirms, rejuvenates, soothes and tones the skin with an intense cooling effect.

PHASE 6. A revitalizing cream/gel with essential active ingredients from the SKIN SENSATIONS line: TRACE OAT PROTEIN COMPLEX®, BETAINE, VITAZYME® ACE COMPLEX and NATURAL JEJU ORGANIC CAMELLIA OIL®.



The largest number of whitening and illuminating active ingredients in the world: 10 active ingredients with illuminating and skin-lightening properties.


All skin types.

Unisex formula, suitable for all skin types especially for skins with localized and/or diffuse blemishes.


Cellular DNA restorative.

Lightens, illuminates and evens tone.

It prevents the appearance of blemishes on the skin.


In 2 weeks the skin is visibly more radiant.

In 8 weeks, the face has an even and perfect tone. Blemishes are diminished. A radiant, younger-looking skin is achieved.


ARLATONE DIOIC DCA®, TAGRANAT LICORICE1®, BELIDES®, MELANOSTATINE® WHITONYL®, BIOWHITE and AA2G®: Lightening and illuminating active ingredients affecting the formation of melanin (melanogenesis). It eliminates and/or blends in blemishes preventing their reappearance in the future.

SNAIL SLIME: A highly regenerative active ingredient thanks to its composition rich in vitamins.

SOY DERIVATE: A cellular restorative and protector with anti-ageing properties. It prevents the action of free radicals and other external agents.

SPF 50: Total UVA/UVB ray protection. Filter: Physical and chemical.


PHASE 1. An exfoliating gel containing glycolic acid, lactic acid and salicylic acid (avoid the area around the eyes).

PHASE 2. A highly-concentrated skin-lightening, illuminating, anti-wrinkle serum containing avant-garde active ingredients such as ARLATONE DIOIC DCA®, TANAGRAT LICORICE1® y BELIDESTM.

PHASE 3. A skin-lightening serum with regenerating and restorative properties and which provides intense nutrition. Formulated with MELANOSTATINE®, WHITONYL®, BIOWHITE®, AA2GTM and AQUALANCETM.

PHASE 4. A regenerating and illuminating cream/gel thanks to its composition based on SKINERGIUM®, BELIDESTM, SNAIL SLIME and AQUALANCETM.

PHASE 5. NACAR MASK 2065. A facial mask with Peel-Off technology providing SKIN-LIGHTENING and ILLUMINATING effects with MELANOSTATINE®, skin-lightening peptide that interferes with the synthesis of melanin impeding overproduction. The formula contains seaweed extract and brown rice flour, a traditional skin-lightening active ingredient in Japanese culture. Reaffirms, soothes and tones the skin with an intense cooling effect.

PHASE 6. A nourishing cream with a rich texture, double action: restorative and protection. It restores skin that has been damaged and prevents the harmful effects of solar radiation with SPF 50 protection.