Specifically formulated to help treat bacteria-caused acne. It eliminates and controls excess surface oils which contributes to acne formation.

Directions: Apply all over face using cotton balls-morning & evening after cleansing.

Availability: 60ml, 120mL, 1L



A salicylic acid formula that penetrates down into pores to treat acne breakouts and help prevent new ones from forming.

Availability: 10g, 15g, 500g

Directions: Apply on the affected area twice daily after cleansing.


    TRETINOIN 0.025% AND 0.05% CREAM    
Contains a powerful ingredient that helps fight acne and photo damaged skin conditions – caused by exposure to UV lights. An effective product that provides an acne-free and consistently clearer skin.

Availability: 10g, 500g

Directions: Apply thinly on affected areas during night time or as prescribed by a doctor.